Lactation Services

Boston NAPS offers a variety of breastfeeding support, lactation consulting, and newborn care visits.

These visits are scheduled in the privacy of your home with one of our Nurse Practitioners or Lactation Specialists. They are designed to specifically address any breastfeeding or newborn care questions or concerns. 


In-home Lactation Visits

Enjoy a private, in-home lactation visit from one of our lactation specialists.

This 1 hour visit consists of the observation of a feeding during which tips and suggestions are made regarding positioning and latch in order to improve your baby's latch and increase milk transfer from you to your baby. Our lactation specialist will do a pre and post feed weight in order to evaluate how much breastmilk your baby is getting during a feeding. 

We will then create a customized plan for you and your baby that will address your questions and concerns and will assist you in reaching your breastfeeding goals. This is a valuable opportunity to troubleshoot any specific breastfeeding concerns with not only a lactation specialist, but also a Registered Nurse. 

We recommend you contact your health insurance company as many health insurance companies reimburse for lactation visits.

Questions? Check out our Lactation Services Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how an in-home lactation visit can help you feed your baby more easily and effectively.


In-home Lactation Consult with Pumping Education

Benefit from the lactation consultation as described above, plus pumping education

This visit includes everything listed above for a lactation visit as well as additional time spent to ensure you know how to properly use your pump. This includes taking your pump out of the box, learning how to assemble it and use its parts, proper fitting of phalanges to your breast/nipple size, and proper cleaning of your pump and its parts. Pumping education also includes information on when and how to start pumping, creating a pumping schedule, and how to safely handle and store your breastmilk.


Newborn Consulting

This visit is designed for parents to have an RN visit them during their first days or weeks home from the hospital.

This 2 hour visit allows for ample time to ask questions and for hands on learning with your baby. The visit will start with discussing your feeding choice and the best practices and recommendations as it relates to your choice. If you are breastfeeding, we will do a pre and post feed weight, observe a feeding, and provide feedback and support regarding positioning and latch. If you are breastfeeding and pumping, or exclusively pumping, we will show you proper set up, use, and cleaning of your pump and its parts, as well as safe storage of breastmilk and when and how to introduce a bottle. If you are bottle feeding, we will discuss safe preparation of formula or donor breastmilk, proper bottle feeding techniques, and amount to offer at each feeding based on child's age and health history.

The second half of the visit will then be dedicated to discussing normal newborn behaviors, healthy feeding and sleeping schedules, when and how to introduce a pacifier, soothing techniques, and hands on practice of bathing, swaddling & soothing techniques, filing and clipping nails, diapering, and much more! Parents often create a list of questions that they have, as the first week home is very new and exciting, but does come with many questions. This visit provides you with the opportunity to ask those questions to one of our RNs who specializes in newborn and postpartum care. 


Free Breastfeeding Support Group

Join one of our free, drop in, breastfeeding support groups run by one of our  lactation specialists.

Our support groups are designed to provide a laid back opportunity for you to come and have an RN and lactation specialist discuss the components that make up a good latch and/or have a lactation specialist observe a feeding and provide feedback regarding positioning, latch, and milk transfer. You will also have the opportunity to weigh your baby before and after a feeding in order to see how much milk you are transferring to your baby. 


These support groups are also a great opportunity to be able to get out of the house with your baby, meet new people, and gain insight and support from other new or experienced breastfeeding mothers. You do not need to register for the group, but instead can feel free to drop in at anytime during the scheduled hours. To learn more about our free support groups, and other upcoming events and programs, head on over to your events page.

Are you experiencing an Urgent Breastfeeding Issue? schedule an "SOS" Call or Text Session with Boston NAPS. Learn more about our "SOS!" Services.