Prenatal Fitness Classes

Are you looking for regular prenatal fitness classes to stay and keep in shape throughout your pregnancy? Well you've come to the right place! At Boston NAPS, we know that is can be hard to find regular and reliable prenatal fitness classes. All of our classes take place at our Boston NAPS Studio located in South Boston. 

Strength training and yoga are good for your physical and mental health, and are also great ways for preparing your body and your baby for labor and beyond. All of our instructors are certified in prenatal fitness and can guide you through safe and effective workouts for your growing belly. To learn more about our cancellation and other studio policies, please click here

Single Class: $22 | 5 Class Pack: $100 | 10 Class Pack: $180



Whether you just found out you are pregnant or you are 38 weeks pregnant, this fitness class is geared for you! No more worrying if you will be able to get in a good workout, or if the exercises you are doing are safe for you and your baby. This class will take you through a full body workout that includes only those exercises that are proven to be safe during pregnancy, and focuses on the muscles you need to strengthen most to best support you and your baby through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. 


Prenatal Pilates

This full-body prenatal workout focuses on strengthening your body from the inside out, with a mix of strength, cardio, stability and flexibility. This class is great for all levels and abilities, and modifications will be made for your growing belly and baby. Strength training is not only safe during pregnancy, but is also a great way to prepare your body for labor and life with your new baby. 


Bellies & Breathing

Are you expecting a baby? Come and practice movement, breath and relaxation while giving yourself the gift of an hour of self care. We welcome you to breathe in a community of women who are walking the same journey as you. Props will be used that will help aid you in preparing and adjusting to your growing belly and sometimes more limited movement. Yoga is safe for pregnancy and is a great way to prepare your baby and your body for labor and beyond.