What to expect at our newborn essentials class

Learn how to care for your newborn with hands-on practice during this class.

You will learn how to change a diaper, give a sponge bath, and perfect your newborn swaddle. The class is taught by a Postpartum Registered Nurse and will help to answer all of your questions and prepare you for what to expect for life at home with your newborn during the first few weeks. 

Class Duration: 2 hours
Cost*: Private $220/Group $100

Topics Include:

  • The basics of a baby - understanding the difference between a baby and an adult
  • Normal newborn behaviors
  • What to expect right away after your delivery
  • Newborn care
  • The in's-and-out's for poops and pees
  • Newborn sleep cycle
  • Newborn feeding patterns and ways to feed (breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding)
  • Introducing bottles and pumping
  • Feeding your baby, diapering your baby and bathing your baby
  • Soothing your baby with the 5 S's
  • Newborn safety, screening and vaccinations
  • Car seat safety


*cost for client and one support person