Children's Classes 

Our children's wellness and enrichment classes are designed to allow children the opportunity to learn and play in a fun, creative, and engaging environment. We have classes for newborns through school age children.

Classes are scheduled as 6 week series. We also save a certain number of seats per class to accommodate the purchase of a single class instead of a series. Use the calendar to choose the date of the class/classes you would like to attend in order to register.

An overview of all of our children's classes and schedules can be seen below. All classes take place at our Boston NAPS Studio located in South Boston. To learn more about our cancellation, sibling, and other studio policies, please click here.


Next series starts the week of October 29th

6 Week Class Series: $96 | Single Class: $22



This 45 minute Mess Makers art class is a perfect way for your little one to have some artsy fun while stimulating their sensory and fine motor skills. We welcome both parents and caregivers to join in. Your child will explore with squishy paints and learn to be creative. The best part? They get to have fun being messy and you do not need to worry about the hassle of the clean up in your own home. All ages welcome including toddlers (18mo) through school age children. 



This 45 minute Tiny Dancers class is a fun frolic for little ones and their caregivers. Sing, dance and have a ball, while learning some basic concepts of dance, rhythm, music and movement. This structured class also helps to develop motor and social skills. All ages welcome including walkers through school age children. 

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This 45 minute Little Gymsters class focuses on movement for children. We welcome our parents and caregivers to join in. Our locomotive skills are, as we know, physical actions that propel our bodies from one place to another. These movements are the foundation of physical movement and coordination. Your child will learn through simple movements that build body awareness and balance. Come jump, dance and skip along with fun music! All ages welcome including toddlers (18mo) through school age children. 



This 45 minute, Mini Musicians class is great for all ages. Come and sing and dance along in this interactive music class that uses music from all genres. We welcome infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their parents or caregivers. This class is hands on with musical instruments, movement and stories. Your child will get to explore their motor and social skills while using drums, shakers, bells and tambourines, and much more! All ages welcome.