What to expect at our private childbirth for multiples class

This comprehensive class helps families with the pregnancy and birthing process for twins & triplets.

This is an exclusively private class taught by a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse and includes education, conversation and hands-on demonstration for labor and delivery, as well as ways your partner can support you. 

Class Duration: 3 hours
Cost: Private only $325

Topics Include:

  • Aches, discomforts and remedies for pregnancy with twins or triplets
  • Emotional and physical challenges for a twin or triplet pregnancy
  • Dealing with potential bed rest
  • Pregnancy complications, warning signs and when to call your doctor
  • Testing during pregnancy for multiples done by your doctor or midwife
  • Premature babies and the NICU
  • Anatomy and physiology of a twin or triplet pregnancy
  • Preparing for labor and knowing when to call your doctor
  • Contraction patterns and breathing techniques
  • Natural childbirth
  • Pain management during labor or a cesarean section
  • Delivery scenarios for multiples: both vaginal and caesarean delivery
  • Recovering after delivery
  • Preparing your home - what you need two or three of!