What to expect at our breastfeeding basics class

This class is taught by a Registered Nurse and Lactation Specialist. 

Breastfeeding basics prepares you for breastfeeding your newborn. It is a valuable opportunity to discuss initiating breastfeeding, various feeding positions, skin-to-skin contact, and ensuring a successful latch. The course also includes a short video to demonstrate latching your baby during breastfeeding. 

Class Duration: 1.5 hours
Cost*: Private $200/Group $75

Topics Include:

  • The health benefits for both mothers and babies from breastfeeding
  • The anatomy and physiology of breastfeeding
  • How our bodies make milk
  • The in's-and-out's of poops and pees of a breastfed baby
  • The first hour of life after delivery
  • Skin to skin contact with your baby after delivery and beyond
  • Initiating and sustaining a successful latch
  • Positioning your baby during breastfeeding
  • Pumping and safe storage of breast milk
  • When to bottle feed or supplement for your baby


*cost for client and one support person