Daytime and Overnight Care

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can have; of course, it’s also demanding--physically, mentally, and emotionally. The sudden upending of your sleep schedule alone is enough to make you feel like you need some r.e.l.i.e.f.

Treat yourself to in-home nursing care with Boston NAPS.  Schedule a Boston NAPS nurse to care for your baby during the day, so you can take a shower, take a nap, have something to eat, or get some important work done without distraction. Do you or your spouse have a big day coming up and you need a good night’s sleep the night before? Hire a Boston NAPS nurse to take care of your baby overnight.

Or, practice the ultimate self-care: treat yourself to eight uninterrupted hours of sleep, for no reason except that you deserve it and that getting that rest will be the equivalent of charging the invisible iPhone battery that hovers next to your head (and has been scraping dangerously close to 2%).


Daytime Care

Daytime care with Boston NAPS can give parents time to themselves, can be instructive, or can be a combination of both.

Your NAPS Nurse can assist with breast and/or bottle feedings, tummy time, identification and reassurance of normal newborn behaviors, bathing assistance, and instruction of swaddling/soothing techniques. A daytime visit from a Boston NAPS nurse also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about your postpartum recovery process and your new baby’s development, and have these questions and concerns addressed by a trained medical professional.

Naturally, you can use your Daytime Care session to do chores around the house, run errands, or get a manicure; Daytime Care with Boston NAPS is also parent self-care.

Boston NAPS overnight care

Overnight Care

Whether you have a flight to catch first thing in a morning, a big presentation at work, or you want to sleep for eight consecutive hours for the first time since you started your third trimester, treat yourself to an Overnight Care visit from a Boston NAPS nurse.

Your Boston NAPS nurse will arrive at your home at for you scheduled designated visit, and will not sleep while caring for your baby. You can retire for the night knowing that your baby is being taken care of by a seasoned professional with experience caring for infants. During the night, your NAPS Nurse can give the baby a bottle (we encourage you to pump in anticipation of getting a good night’s sleep) or assist you with breastfeeding, and then change, burp, and soothe your baby back to sleep. Your nurse will stay and care for the baby until the morning at which point you can relieve the nurse. (But not before admiring your beautiful, well-rested face in the mirror)

Boston NAPS services

Skilled Nursing Care for the High Risk Newborn

Our group of highly trained nurses have the skills and knowledge base to work with any high risk baby requiring skilled nursing care. Our nurses work with babies who need additional monitoring after being discharged home from the NICU, as well as babies with tracheostomies, nasogastric (NG) tubes, gastric (G) tubes, and cleft lip/palate, in additional to many other extraordinary circumstances. Our nurses can provide comfort, education, and the skilled care you and your baby need.


If you are interested in our in-home services and would like to schedule an informational call, please request a time by clicking here or the button at the top of this page. 

This thirty minute, getting-to-know you call is an opportunity for you to express your interests and needs and to get acquainted with our co-founders, Emily and Jamie, and the Boston NAPS community we have available to you.